Van driver mows down child

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Around 12.05pm a young boy was hit by a van on Argyle Street outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery.”An ambulance was attended and the boy was taken to hospital for treatment.

Desperately sad. I witnessed the aftermath of this – the road was closed and I asked a passer-by what was going on. She told me she thought it was a burst water pipe and I thought nothing more of it. Knowing what really happened chills me.

“The driver was left uninjured.”

There are some sick fucks working at Police Scotland, that’s for sure.

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  1. Perhaps this will prompt the council to extend the very high pedestrian barriers that currently exist right along the entire length of the front of the museum under the misguided idea that they “guide” pedestrians to “safe” crossing points. There was no mention that the current 4 lane layout is rubbish for pedestrians and encourages fast driving.

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